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To help you with insurance...

Our goal is to simplify your overall collision repair experience. Here a few questions that are commonly asked regarding insurance. If you would like more detail or have any additional questions we will be happy to help you. Please remember that every insurance policy is different. Your insurance agent will be able to answer specific questions about your policy.

What if my insurance company says I have to see a specific body shop?

Your insurance company cannot require that you go to a particular shop. In 2007 Montana passed Senate Bill 204 which allows the claimant to have the right to decide where to take the vehicle for the initial estimate and for subsequent repairs of the vehicle. The insurer still has the right to have its own appraiser or adjuster inspect the vehicle for a repair estimate but you retain the right to go to the shop of your choice.

What if my total bill is over what my insurance estimated it to be?
Differences in collision repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all necessary work. In the process of fixing the damage caused by a collision, additional auto body repair issues may be revealed. If this happens, we will work with the insurance company on any supplements related to the accident and bill them directly.

Will you waive my insurance deductible?
Your insurance deductible is the amount that you are required to pay towards any damages. The amount you are required to pay is determined by your insurance policy. Any costs above your deductible are covered by your auto insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot waive your insurance deductible as you are required to pay it by law.

Do I have to pay a deductible if I am not at fault?
Typically, you shouldn't have any out-of-pocket expenses when you are not "at fault". There are some exceptions. If, for example, the "at fault" party does not have any insurance.  The amount you will have to pay depends on whether or not you have uninsured motorist coverage. Please consult your insurance agent for details specific to your claim.​

What is "Comprehensive Damage"?

What if a deer jumped out in front of you? Or if a tree fell on your car? What about fire, theft and vandalism? These are some examples of damage that fall under "comprehensive". Please ask your insurance agent for details on what your policy may or may not cover.

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