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Warranties and Other Information...

    We welcome any other questions you may have. Please call us or stop by.

 Can you match my paint color?
Absolutely.  Matching paint can be tricky.  Fading from the sun, weather and harsh elements on our roadways causes paint to fade over time. We are the only Sherwin Williams A+ shop in Gallatin Valley. This means, in addition to having Sherwin Williams Certified Painters, you are guaranteed the highest quality paint available. we will we run computer generated precision

Do you offer a warranty?

All of our repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty. We invite you to inquire about the coverages and limitations of our warranties.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard and Visa. Additionally, we accept all insurance checks properly endorsed. Just bring in your check from the insurance company and we will be happy to help you. Repairs do need to be paid in full at time of completion of work.

What about towing?
All tow bills need to be approved by your insurance company or paid by the owner of the vehicle prior to dropping your vehicle off. However, since we are an approved shop by several insurance companies, many vehicles are towed here without requiring anything on your part.

What does "Not all services are covered by insurance" mean?

Why not get your windshield replaced or your vehicle detailed? You have already made arrangements for transportation while your vehicle is being repaired. So skip the hassles of needing to find rides to and from appointments. We offer a wide range of services at your convenience.

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